Western Historicals  -- Maureen McKade

Winter Hearts -- Maureen McKade

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Winter Hearts
Originally published by Avon Books in 1997.

The Lawman …

Sheriff Matt Brandon senses something mysterious about the lovely new schoolteacher, Libby O’Hanlon, and he resolves to keep an eye on her. Although the curves Libby hides under her drab clothing stir long-dormant desire, it’s the compassion in her green eyes that cracks the shell around his heart.

The Lady With a Secret …

Libby has settled in Deer Creek to start a new life – and the last thing she needs is to let the sheriff close enough to learn a secret that could send her to the gallows. Yet his nearness arouses fantasies that make Libby’s heart race – and as they are drawn together in a mission to rescue a young boy, she and Matt can only surrender to the sweetness of love …

Finalist in both RWA's Golden Heart (Historical) and RITA (Best First Book). 



A Dime Novel Hero -- Maureen McKade

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Out of Print Cover

A Dime Novel Hero
Originally published by Avon Books in 1998.

She made him a hero … According to her wildly popular dime novels he was a bounty hunter with integrity and the fastest draw this side of Wyoming, the standard against which all other men of the West should be held. But real cowboy Jake Cordell’s just real tired of every two-bit gunslinger with something to prove coming after him. And now that he has finally put his father’s killer behind bars, Jake’s ready to reclaim his old ranching life. The only problem is, the old life hasn’t waited for him to return.
But he became her love … Gutsy Kit Thornton didn’t know how to get over her infatuation for Jake after he left town. So she bought his ranch, adopted the son he never knew he had, and immortalized him as the fearless pursuer of justice in her fiction. Now Jake’s back, and this dangerous, hardened man with the wild look in his eye is nothing like the tender boy Kit remembers idolizing. But with their lives so entwined around each other it doesn’t take long for Kit’s old feelings to flood back … does this tougher Jake deserve to win her innocent heart again?

Untamed Heart -- Maureen McKade

Untamed Heart

Every time Tyler Ashburn sees pert Gabby Wade sashaying down the streets of Sawtooth, Wyoming, his righteous blood begins to boil. He's ready to clean up this booming town, and women like Gabby -- who owns a gambling saloon -- make it unsafe for law-abiding folks! But even thought Tyler's running for mayor on a Law & Order platform, he can't help but imagine breaking a few rules...with the sassy, irresistible Gabby. 

Gabby's worked too hard to let some high-falutin' fellow like Tyler tell her what to do -- so she shocks the good citizens of Sawtooth by running for mayor against him! The trouble is, even though she'd like nothing better than to defeat Tyler, her rugged, broad-shouldered opponent is beginning to defeat her intentions...of not succumbing to his bold kisses. And as their campaigns heat up along with their passions, she wonders what the cost of winning might be!

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Mail Order Bride -- Maureen McKade

Mail-Order Bride

Kate Murphy arrives in the Rocky Mountain mining town as a mail-order bride—just in time to discover she's a widow before she's a wife. Looking to earn the stagecoach fare out of this dangerous town, Kate never expects the true peril to come in the tantalizing form of Trev Trevelyan.

Kate Murphy arrives in the Rocky Mountain mining town as a mail-order bride— just in time to discover she's a widow before she's a wife. Looking to earn the stagecoach fare out of this dangerous town, Kate never expects the true peril to come in the tantalizing form of Trev Trevelyan.

The handsome mine superintendent desperately needs someone to care for his two young, motherless children, and Kate is delighted to take the job. But first the children capture her heart...and then the leaping attraction between sweet Kate and the smolderingly handsome Trev is too powerful to deny. Although Kate longs for the safety of his arms, will she ever be able to accept the danger of his life?

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Outlaw's Bride -- Maureen McKade

Outlaw's Bride

He was pure trouble for an honest woman...

Mattie St. Clair knows that Clint Beaudry is a dangerous man the moment she sets eyes on him. Though she refuses the tall, dark, devastatingly handsome gunman a room in her boardinghouse, Mattie cannot turn him away a second time when he is carried to her door critically wounded. It's best if she just lets this troublesome stranger mend and move on- considering the unwanted feelings of desire he stirs up within her whenever he turns his deep, dangerous gaze her way.

She was more woman than a man could handle...

This beautiful, strong-willed widow does something special to the hardened ex-marshal with her tender, healing touch -- tempting Clint to reconsider his vow never to let another woman into his perilous life. Despite her stubborn independence, Mattie's barely restrained passion tells him that she's been too long without a good man at her side. And since she and her young son both are in desperate need of a hero, what choice does Clint have -- except to become one?

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His Unexpected Wife -- Maureen McKade

His Unexpected Wife

With This Ring, I Thee Flee...
High-spirited Annie Trevelyan leaves the mountains of Colorado behind, seeking fame and fortune, and no one is going to stop her. Not even Colin McBride, who's accompanying her West to make sure she goes to finishing school—and doesn't go astray! The lovely Annie's sure some timely flirtation will soon have Colin wrapped around her finger, but her coolly calculating kiss stokes unexpectedly passionate fires in them both. So now Annie must escape...because Colin's got marriage on his mind!

In watching over Annie, Colin was just doing a favor for a friend. Now that he's tasted the sweetness of Annie's lips, though, Colin wants her for himself—and that means a wedding! He'd once thought only a prim, docile wife would do, but now visions of a fiery wedding night with this independent hellion fill his mind. The trouble will be convincing Annie—and holding on to her long enough to do so!

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How to Lasso a Cowboy -- Maureen McKade

How to Lasso a Cowboy  (Anthology)

Includes my short story, "Finding Home."

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To Find You Again -- Maureen McKade

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To Find You Again
Originally published by Berkley in 2004.

It has been seven years since Emma Hartwell’s capture by a tribe of the Lakota Sioux. But her recent rescue by the U.S. Calvary feels like anything but salvation. Forced to leave behind her beloved child and returned to the family who can’t accept her, and shunned by the townspeople as an outcast, Emma is haunted by her life with the Elk tribe. She sets off on a dangerous journey, fueled by a fierce love of her son and fears for his safety, in an effort to find the tribe and reclaim him.

Only Ridge Madoc stands in her way. A former army scout with a keen tracking sense and a keener sense of justice, Ridge has been sent by Emma’s father to bring her back – a task that will give him the chance of reclaiming some of the land that was rightfully his. But he never expected a woman as determined and courageous as Emma. Now, Emma must appeal to Ridge to help her with her desperate quest, and Ridge must struggle with his desire for a woman who no longer has a place in his world …

RWA's RITA Finalist for Best Long Historical.


A Reason to Live -- Maureen McKade

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A Reason to Live  (Forrester Brothers #1)
Originally published by Berkley in 2006.

"How could I refuse the wish of a dying man?"

"During the War, I watched over too many young boys in the hospital, comforting them as they cried out for those they loved, as they whispered their final thoughts to me. Keeping a record of their names, families, and last words seemed a small tribute to their sacrifice – until the war ended, and I found a new mission in life."

"I would visit the loved ones of those poor soldiers and deliver their messages so that some comfort could be found even in grief …"

But Laurel Covey never expected to find a man like Creede Forrester – an ex-gunslinger who rode all the way from Texas to Virginia in the hope of finding his son and ended up saving her from a band of ruffians. It pains her deeply to tell him of his boy’s death, and she believes that in his heart, Creede blames himself for driving his son away. But there is something more to this rugged, weary man. Something that draws Laurel close to him … something she cannot resist …

HOLT Medallion Finalist in the Historical Category.



A Reason to Believe -- Maureen McKade

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A Reason to Believe  (Forrester Brothers #2)
Originally published by Berkley in 2007.

How do you pick up the pieces of a shattered life?
To escape her angry father, Dulcie McDonald got pregnant – but lost her husband is a fatal accident. Penniless, she returned home with her little girl – only to have her world shattered once again. Lonely and filler with regrets, Dulcie struggles to provide a decent life for her daughter, Then a handsome stranger arrives …

Dulcie, usually shunned by proper folks, is suspicious of Rye Forrester, a drifter offering to work for his keep. But after he helps harvest the crops, her feelings toward the handsome stranger turn into a consuming mutual passion. Although Rye wears the brand of an army deserted, Dulcie is thrilled to be with such a good man. But Rye has his own secrets. He can’t understand why his late friend cheated on such a beautiful wife – or how he can now ask Dulcie’s forgiveness for his part in her husband’s death. Love is one thing – acceptance and forgiveness another. When their tragic pasts catch up with them, these two wounded souls must fight for the love that will keep them together for a lifetime …



A Reason to Sin -- Maureen McKade

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A Reason to Sin (Forrester Brothers #3)
Originally published by Berkley in 2008.

How do you let yourself love without revealing your deepest secrets?

Once upon a time, Rebecca Colfax was a well-to-do young woman with a bright future in St. Louis. Then her husband gambled all her money away and disappeared into the night. Alone, homeless, and desperate, she was forced to take her some to an orphanage, but now she’s determined to get him back. Little did she know that during her search she’d encounter a man destined to change the course of her life …

Rebecca Colfax was out of options. Which is how she wound up working at the Scarlet Garter in Oaktree, Kansas, as a singer and hurdy-gurdy girl, trying to scrape together enough money to get her son back. At the saloon, she reveals nothing of herself, not even her real name. She doesn’t want anyone to know her secrets – especially not Slater Forrester, a faro dealer and ex-spy who’s clearly haunted by something in his past. But when violence bursts through the saloon’s doors, she discovers a dangerously appealing side to Slater, a side she finds hard to resist. But how will the man she’s falling in love for react when he uncovers the secrets she’s keeping?