Western Historicals  -- Maureen McKade

The Pinkerton -- Maureen McKade


The Pinkerton
originally published as “At Midnight” by Maura McKenzie by Zebra Books in 2001

An antique hope chest containing five unique objects . . . five people inexorably drawn to the items inside . . . each sent to the past where they must accomplish a task and find their own path to true love with the help of a magical matchmaker determined to bring soul mates together, even across time.

Reporter Trish “Mac” McAllister will do anything to get the story of a lifetime…although a trip back to 1892 wasn’t anything she even remotely imagined.

After chasing a killer to a ramshackle building, Mac finds a weathered wooden chest.  Opening it, she reaches for a pair of broken handcuffs…and suddenly finds herself aboard a nineteenth century locomotive with Pinkerton agent Jared Yates.

Jared’s fiancée was killed two years ago at the fashionable Chesterfield Hotel and he’s been searching for her murderer ever since.  When his path crosses the odd Miss McAllister’s, he finds an unlikely ally--and lover--in his hunt for justice.

With the sole purpose of gaining information for her news story, Mac agrees to work with Jared.  However, losing her heart to the sexy Pinkerton was never part of her plan.  When the portal back to the future is opened for a moment in time, Mac has to decide whether a once-in-a-lifetime story is more important than a once-in-a-lifetime love….

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